New Show Choir Students

Sasha Schmidt

Laura Mejia

Shekinah Mukadi

Nilson Murillo

Alliyah Ortiz

Kyana Forney

Makaylah Hensley

Jillian Porter



                                            SHOW CHOIR AUDITION PROCEDURES 

  1. Audition is Aug. 21st from 3:30-5:00pm or until everyone has finished auditioning.

    1. You must stay the entire time.

  2. You will sing a song of your choice.

    1. Songs must be approx. 16 bars (verse/chorus) no longer than 1 minute (including instrumental portion). We will cut you off so make sure you know where your music should begin. 

    2. Please provide your own karaoke track.

    3. A capella singing is acceptable but not encouraged.

    4. After everyone has auditioned vocally, choreography auditions begin.

  3. Everyone will learn the choreography prior to the audition. The link is on the choir website

        under the Show Choir Auditions tab.

            a. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for dance.

            b.  You will dance in groups of 4

   4.  Results will be posted via the choir website by 6pm.

   5. Students who are chosen will have to have both a choir class and show choir in their schedule for next school year.

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